Recommended Websites for Marketers

The Web is full of excellent resources for marketers. Here are some of my recommended sites:
Plenty of articles, checklists and case studies for marketing professionals, with a bent toward B-to-B. I am proud to have contributed scads of seminars and articles to MarketingProfs myself.
Weekly opportunity to vote on the expected results of a real-life A/B split test, plus analysis of the actual results. Brilliant, educational and fun.
A website and newsletter with abundant case histories, real numbers and “how they did it” detail. My favorite is their B2BMarketingBiz weekly newsletter.
Thought leadership on the emerging field of content development and usage in B-to-B marketing.

Hundreds of research reports reveal the results of useful marketing experiments.
Thoughtful commentary on frequency marketing strategy and tactics.

All the stats you could ever want about marketing on the Internet.

Web Digest for Marketers
A website with an invaluable weekly email newsletter that keeps us informed and inspired.

Recommended books on business marketing

Of course I invite you to look at my own books, but let me also recommend some favorites by other authors:

  • The Marketing Manager’s Handbook, by Eric Gagnon (Internet Media)
  • Business-to-Business Direct Marketing, by Robert W. Bly (NTC)
  • Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, by Brian J. Carroll (McGraw-Hill)
  • Sales & Marketing 365, by Jim Obermayer (Racom)
  • Marketing Metrics in Action, by Laura Patterson (Racom)
  • Professional Services Marketing, by Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr (Wiley)
  • eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, by Ardath Albee (McGraw-Hill)
  • Social Marketing to the Business Customer, by Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman (Wiley)
  • Handbook of Market Segmentation, by Art Weinstein, PhD. (Haworth)
  • Business-to-Business Marketing Research, by Martin Block and Tamara Block (Racom)