B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results

Co-authored with Theresa Kushner

This complete guide identifies B2B data sources, shows how to architect your data to best advantage, and explains how to manage customer and prospect information—and keep it clean. The book then illustrates how business marketers use their information, how to manage that data on a global scale, and how all companies, from mom-and-pops to multinationals, can manage their data within reasonable cost parameters. The last chapters discuss trouble-shooting problems (with solutions), case studies showing all of the book’s principles in action, and a forecast on the future of B2B database marketing.

For many marketers, it is easier to produce well written strategies & plans, but far harder to implement the strategies and monitor their effectiveness. For many experienced marketers operating in this environment—with a mind-numbing amount of choices—many struggle with where to start. This book, in only 220 pages, gives practical advice as to how to execute your plans and measure their success while using a sound data-driven approach. The examples provided should give all B2B marketers—whether in small companies or in large—the foundation and confidence to improve the performance and results of their marketing teams.
— Randall Byrne, VP, Malvern Instruments

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Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers

Published in July 2011 by Pearson’s QUE division. Soup-to-nuts instructions on how to generate, track and manage sales leads. Includes a full discussion of long-standing best practices, plus the latest tools and techniques like social media and marketing automation.

I’m a big fan of Ruth Steven’s writing, so I eagerly awaited the arrival of her new book …I wasn’t disappointed. The writing style is engaging, almost conversational, yet conveys a wealth of useable information… This was a fun, yet informative read where I think the fresh graduate and marketing guru will each walk away with something new.
—Carrie Shearer, Writer, MarketingProfs Daily Fix

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Trade Show and Event Marketing: Plan, Promote, Profit

Published February 2005 by Thomson. This book is targeted to business marketers who are looking to get the most value out of their trade show and event marketing programs. It focuses on how to demonstrate the ROI on business event marketing, and on developing an integrated event marketing strategy.

In just the first hour of reading your book, I came to the realization of all the mistakes we’ve been making for the past eight years, and recognize several strategies that we could incorporate immediately to improve our results. Trade Show and Event Marketing is invaluable and will be used extensively by SCSA.
— Edwin J. Pittock, President, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

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