Seminars & Speaking

I provide customized sessions to improve your staff’s skills in business marketing, direct and database marketing, Internet marketing, trade show and event marketing, or customer retention marketing.

Formats include half-day, day-long or two-day seminars, according to your needs. I also speak at industry conferences, seminars and trade shows.

Please contact me at about your training or presentation needs.

Seminar and Training Clients:

Allegra Network
Australia Post
China Post
Edmund Optics
Fuji Xerox
Japan Post
Limited Brands
Liteon Mobile
McKee Foods

Pitney Bowes
Toppan Printing
Wyndham Hotels

Sample Seminar Topics:

Customer Acquisition & Retention: Optimizing the Customer Asset

Integrated Direct Marketing: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy: Planning and Implementing Integrated Programs

Direct Marketing Essentials: Direct Response and Database Marketing Techniques that Drive Profits

iMarketing on the Cheap: Prioritize Your Efforts and Get the Best Bang for the Buck.

Sales Lead Generation for B-to-B: Driving Sales Productivity

Event Marketing Strategy: How to Get the Most from Trade Shows and Corporate Events

How to Make Your Direct Mail Sing: Maximizing Your List, Your Offer and Your Creative Strategy

Guest Blogging:

harvard-business-review-icon“Why Buying Marketing Data Is like Buying a Used Car,” by Ruth P. Stevens for the HBR Blog Network. Click here to view the blog.

“B2Bs: Your Email Policy Could Be Hurting You,” by Ruth P. Stevens for the HBR Blog Network. Click here to view the blog.

Recent Presentations:

interview-sceenshotInterview with The DMA in advance of my two-day seminar on B-to-B direct marketing, October 2013. Click to view

Kansas City Direct Marketing Association, February 2013, “Top 10 Tricks for Sales Lead Generation”

New York University, November 2012, “Principles of Direct Response Communications”

Japan Post, Tokyo, October 2012, “Social Media Meets Direct Marketing: Getting Value from Social Media Beyond ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’”

Direct Marketing Association, 2-day preconference, Las Vegas, October 2012, “B-to-B Direct Marketing, Soup to Nuts”

Direct Marketing Association of India, Mumbai, July 2012, “Maximizing Lead Generation for B2B”

Enterprise Roundtable Accelerator, New York, July 2012, “How to Build a Brilliant Marketing Plan”

Allegra Network Convention, July 2012, “What All Marketers Need to Know About Databases”

Marketing Profs University, May 2012 “Think Quality, Not Quantity: Lead Qualification Across the Buying Cycle”

FDI Global Alliance, Boston, April 2012, “Personal Branding: How to Position Yourself for Success”

Business Marketing Association of Northern California, February 2012, “Lead Nurturing: How to Quadruple Your Campaign Productivity”

Import Export Center, NYC, February 2012, “Social Media for International Trade: What’s Real, and What’s Working Today”

MeritDirect Coop Client Conference, White Plains NY, July 2011, “B-to-B Data Sources: Comparative Analysis of Compiled and Response Databases”

Vistage International, New York, July 2011, “Everyone Needs New Customers: Marketing Tactics That Work”

Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, July 2011, “Why Even Facebook Uses Direct Mail: Innovations in B2B Direct Marketing”

American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore, June 2011, “B2B Marketing: What You Must Do to Keep Up with Your Customers and Prospects”

Rutgers Center for Management Development, May 2011, “B-to-B Marketing”

One2One Conference, Lima, Peru, May 2011, “New Ways to Connect with Business Customers”

HP DSCOOP, Orlando, February 2011, “Lead Generation, Tracking and Management” and “Successful Line Extension for Printing Services Companies”

Intuit Direct Marketing, Mountain View, December 2010, “Business Buying Has Changed Forever”

Argentina Direct Marketing Association Conference, Buenos Aires, November 3, 2010, “In B2B, All Marketing is Direct Marketing”

China Post, Shijiazhuang City, October 2010, “Business-to-Business Direct Marketing”

MeritDirect Cooperative Client Conference, White Plains, July 2010, “B-to-B Marketing Data Sources: A Comparative Analysis”

Australian Graduate School of Management, Sidney, May 2010, “How Customer Value Drives Shareholder Value”

Australian Direct Marketing Association, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sidney, May 2010, “Multi-touch Direct Marketing: De-mystifying the Complexity”

Microsoft Corporation, March 2010, “How to Sustain a Profitable Ongoing Relationship with Customers and Prospects”

The Vision Council Summit, Las Vegas, January 2010, “The Current and Future Relevance of Trade Shows”

WorldColor Roadshow, San Diego and New York, September 2009, “Marketing Challenges in a Multi-Channel World”

Capterra Client Conference, Washington DC, September 2009, “How to Motivate Action Online”

Australian Direct Marketing Association, Sydney and Melbourne, July 2009, “Proven B-to-B Techniques: Master Class”

International Conference on Thinking, Kuala Lumpur, June, 2009, “Customer Value Optimization”

Institute of Marketing Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, June 2009, “The Best Internet Marketing Techniques Today: How to Get the Most Marketing Value from Social Media, Search Engines, Display Ads, Email and Your Website”

CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), Shanghai, March 12, 2009, “How Customer Value Optimization Drives Shareholder Value”

The China DMA, Shanghai, March 11, 2009, “What’s New and What’s Working In B-to-B Direct Marketing Today”

Helsinki School of Economics, Chang Shu, China, March 2-5. 2009, “Managing the Marketing Function” and “Customer Relationship Management”

ISBM (Institute for the Study of Business Markets), September 18, 2008, “How to Get the Most Value from Trade Show Marketing”

Allegra Network, June 2008, “Optimize Your Direct Mail: Using the Best Format, Timing and Frequency to Drive Results”

ECEF (Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum), Washington DC, June 2008, “Why Large Companies Fail as Exhibitors”

Fuji Xerox Forum, Singapore, April 2008, “Are You Doing Everything You Can To Promote Your Business? Tactical Tips for B-to-B Marketers”

Institute of Marketing Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, June 2009, “Successful Business-to-Business Marketing: How to Find and Retail Customers”

Sudan Seminars, Khartoum, February 2007, “How to Launch a New Product Successfully”

DMD (Direct Marketing Days), New York, June 22, 2006, “B-to-B Prospecting Databases”

Exhibitor Show, Las Vegas, March 8, 2006, “Authors Series, Top Ten Lessons for Successful Trade Show Marketing”

Symantec Worldwide Sales Kickoff Meeting, Las Vegas, April 22, 2006, “Sales Lead Generation”

American Marketing Association, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Spring 2006: “Strategic Event Marketing”

Japan Post, Tokyo, October 2005: “Integrated Direct Marketing: Best Practices and Case Studies”

Japan Marketing Association, Tokyo, October 2005: “Customer Acquisition and Retention”

NYSIA (New York Software Industry Association), New York, March 2005: “Top Ten Tricks for Sales Lead Generation”

ACC (Catalog Conference), May 2005: “Keep it Clean: Data Hygiene for Business Marketers”

ABM Trade Show Summit, New York, February 2005: “Trade Show Marketing: Your Customers Need Your Help”

Conference Board, New York, November 2004: “The Future of Branding”

BMA New Jersey Chapter, October 2004: “Successful Trade Show Marketing: The 10 Essential Principles”

DMA Annual Conference, New Orleans, October 2004: “B-to-B Data Hygiene: How the Pro’s Do It”

B-to-B Marketing Conference, Scottsdale, September 2004: “Event ROI: How to Set Objectives and Demonstrate Results”

Verizon Corporate Marketing Kick-off Meeting, New Orleans, February 13, 2004, “8 Best Practices in B-to-B Direct Marketing Today”

Sudan Seminars, Khartoum, February 23-26, 2004, “ROI Marketing”

DMB (Direct Marketing to Business Conference), Orlando, March 22, 2004, “Fundamentals of B-to-B Direct Marketing”

DMA (Direct Marketing Association Annual Convention), Orlando, October 14, 2003, “21 Proven B-to-B Lead Generation, Management and Fulfillment Techniques”

B-to-B Marketing Conference, Tucson, September 8, 2003, “Quantity AND Quality: How to Ace Your Trade Show Lead Program”

DMD (Direct Marketing Days), New York, June 2, 2003, “B-to-B Lead Generation: How to Generate, Qualify and Convert More Leads Than Ever Before” “B-to-B Data Moves to the Next Level: Co-operative Databases Enhance Targeting and Lift Response”

Kansas City Direct Marketing Days, Kansas City, March 5, 2003, “The Direct Marketing Personality”

Abacus Direct’s New Client Orientation, Denver, February 6, 200, “Eight Ways to Get More Value for your Marketing Dollar”

IBM Software Group’s eBusiness University,Orlando, January 22, 2003, “Best Practices in B-to-B Marketing Today”

B-to-B Marketing Conference, Phoenix, September 20, 2002, “Using Alternate Channels to Generate Better Leads”

NCDM Conference, Philadelphia, July 23, 2002, “Using Your Multi-channel B-to-B Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions”

DMD (Direct Marketing Days), New York, June 18, 2002, “21 Proven B-to-B Lead Generation, Management & Fulfillment Techniques”

MD Seminarios y Eventos, Lima, Peru, May 15-16, 2002, “How to Make Your Direct Mail Sing!” “Business-to-Business Direct Marketing Boot Camp”

NEDMA (New England Direct Marketing Association), Boston, May 6, 2002, “B2B Lead Management: How to Qualify and Convert More Leads than Ever Before”

DMB (Direct Marketing to Business Conference), Orlando, March 25, 2002, “Lead Generation Boot Camp”

DMA (Direct Marketing Association Annual Convention), Chicago, October 31, 2001, “Creative for Mobile Commerce: Determining What Really Works”

DMB (Direct Marketing to Business Conference), Philadelphia, September 12, 2001, “50 ideas in 50 Minutes: Lead Generation”

VT NH Direct Marketing Group, Burlington, VT, June 13-15, 2001, “Building a B-to-B Internet Strategy in Five Easy Lessons.”

DMD 36th Annual Conference & Expo, New York, May 21-24, 2001, “10 Proven Techniques for Increasing Catalog Response Rates On and Off the Web”

NCDM Conference, Chicago, July 31, 2001, “Business-to-Business Database Marketing: Best Practices from the Field”

Killer Email Marketing Tactics Conference, San Francisco, March 21, 2001, “The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts: Integrate or Disintegrate”

DMB (Direct Marketing to Business Conference), San Francisco, March 16, 2001, “50 Ideas in 50 Minutes: Lead Generation”

CatalogTECH 2001 Conference, New York, March 12, 2001, “Impulse Selling on the Web” “Internet Marketing on the Cheap”

Net.Marketing Conference, Seattle, February 27, 2001, “Affiliate Marketing for B2B” “B2B Alliances: Finding the Right Partners to Grow Your Business”