Case Histories

Marketing Effectiveness
A mid-sized publisher of trade magazines, seminars and conferences to the telecommunications industry was concerned about its marketing program’s organization and effectiveness. I analyzed their structure, processes and marketing approaches, and developed a comprehensive recommendation for the best way to reorganize, what skills were lacking in house, and simple steps they could take to improve their go-to-market strategy.

A large Southwestern insurance broker built an online presence for insurance sales to small and medium businesses. They later decided to go to market via financial institutions, business-buying web portals, and other channels that had existing relationships with the target audience. I helped them develop a strategy to mine the value of the channel partners’ customer files, identify the most likely prospects for insurance offerings, and create co-marketing programs to drive insurance sales.

Project Management
A very large credit card corporation decided to experiment with some new technology that showed promise in increasing card-holder purchasing online. But the company did not have the resources internally to plan and manage a pilot program intended to demonstrate the impact of the new technology. I took on the role of outsourced project manager. I worked with the technologists and researchers to structure a test program that would clearly show the financial and behavioral results they needed to go to launch.

Customer Acquisition
A retailer of antique jewelry in New York City recognized that the cost of their annual catalog mailing was increasing, and they were unsure of its ability to drive traffic to the store. I recommended several techniques to lower the cost of the catalog for prospecting purposes, and make the mailing more productive among the store’s best customers. I also helped them build an email communications strategy, to reduce the cost of staying in touch with their customer base.

Business Strategy
A struggling dot-com business came under sudden pressure to bring in revenue quickly. I analyzed their registration file, and recommended ways it could be monetized, by list management, upselling and cross-selling, and strategic partnerships.

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